Who Are We

Thembisile Ndlovu famously known as “The Queen of Umqombothi” was born in Soweto. Thembisile is the first lady to start selling umqombothi in the entertainment industry.


Our Story

Umqombothi is the traditional drink of South Africa

The umqombothi business was started after Thembisile was named one of the top 3 in a local umqombothi competition. The business idea came from a patron who came to taste her umqombothi and told her that her umqombothi was unique.

The Queen of Umqombothi brews umqombothi with exceptional flavour. Umqombothi is very healthy and nutritious.

Thembisile’s wish for the future is to start an umqombothi festival in South Africa. Umqombothi is already famously known in Dubai and Brazil since The Queen of Umqombothi exhibited at the Dubai Expo in 2020.

The Queen of Umqombothi featured in a documentary shot by a Brazilian filmmaker about heritage month, umqombothi and South African culture.